Have you ever had tears in your eyes because you were so happy with the food you ate? 

I know there’s some kind of unspoken rule about how we shouldn’t get our titles longer than 7 words or something. Call me weird but long titles attract me. 

Yesterday I had terrible acidic flat white. The beans were off, and the milk did not balance. It was also bloody 6 bucks. This was followed by a craving for something warm, like a bowl of hot soup maybe, so we decided to get some Bak Kut Teh nearby. 

It was bloody damn awful. The soup was served almost cold, it only had a piece of pork rib, and it was almost flavourless. The You Tiao was cold, rock hard and did not soak up the soup – not that there were any flavour to begin with. The Suan Cai was far from Suan. All it was was oily vegetables. It left me so unsatisfied and pissed cause it was also EXPENSIVE HMPH. 

I felt so unhappy that I just had to have something good today, and I wanted Bak Kut Teh again to satisfy my cravings. I’m SO NOT having anything less than Song Fa Bak Kut Teh. 

So after a long and muddy 10km hike at macritchie (we were kinda disappointed because the tree top walk was closed), and our bellies rumbling in hunger, we rushed to the song fa Bak Kut Teh at Clarke Quay.

Thank god we didn’t have to queue for it. We sat down and got our bowls of Bak Kut Teh, you tiao, my fav soft peanuts, Suan cai, and some cool Chinese tea that came in the set like the ones in movies.

When the food came… I didn’t even bother snapchatting and went straight for the soup…. my Gosh it was nice piping hot and it tasted peppery and how Bak Kut Teh should taste like mmmmhmmmm I was like omgggggggg shiok omggggggg I love it why is it soooo gooddddddd 

The Suan cai was swimming in flavour, the peanuts were so warm and soft, and the you tiao, crispy and snugly soaked up all that Bak Kut Teh goodness…. I was sooooooo happy satisfying my unsatisfied anger from yesterday. I was probably smiling as I had the pork ribs. 

I could like, cry maybe. Hmm.

I think the second time I felt this way was that ramen in Japan. We were famished, had nothing to eat since 1pm (and the food sucked), we walked sooo much, rushed from place to place, got lost, pretty much froze in the cold and when our hot bowls of ramen came…

Mind blown 

Hands down the best ramen I have ever eaten in my lyfe. I had no idea ramen could be this flavourful?!???!!? 

I have issues… 


That one time I stayed awake for 25 hours just for sushi and cried…

Oh for good food’s sake I’d do almost anything. That one time during the bbrrrzzing cold Spring in Tokyo, I was awake from 9am till 10am the next day. And mind you, with no wink of sleep. I usually have pretty bad memory for a year but this was sooo biting I could remember it all. It’s like how you’d always remember the time you fell in love… well kinda.

I remembered everything I felt, from the anticipation, excitement, the biting dry cold air, the droopy eyes, ugh everything!!!! Here was what happened…

On the morning of some date in May 2016, I was awoken by a fake human screeching ‘pika pika pikaaaaachuuuu’. Ok fine that was pretty hilarious when it happened. As I slowly started to gain consciousness, I remembered we were finally going to the Tsukiji fish market at midnight!!!! YAY!!!! No world class restaurant can ever beat the freshness of very freshly caught sashimi… every seafood there probably deserved a michelin star ooooh mmmm thinking of the slimy soft salmon and tuna made me tingle with much foodie excitement.

But that’s not the highlight. We planned to somehow stay awake till 2am to snag tickets for the world famous tuna auction at the market. Guides online said that we have to go as soon as the ticket booth was open as slots were as limited as 100 year old men in the world. We HAD to go there, no one has a say it’s my final word.

So ok, we went about our day walking and walking aaaaand walking from 10am till 11pm, where we finally settled at a cafe to wait for 2am to come. Chilled and talk for an hour before everyone started dozing off. UGH SERIOUSLY?!?! Here’s a picture of everyone sleeping and me responsibly awake.


At 2 I woke everyone up and we sleepily made our way to the Tsukiji fish market.

We walked past the guard post and wow… the place is so alive at 2ish am in the morning. We were the only foreigners around, annoying everyone in our path. I mean, just imagine 5 wide eyed girls blocking the narrow paths of lanes and getting stared at but I DGAF I came for the Tuna auction who cares what ya’ll think. We explored the place a little but to our dismay we just couldn’t find the place with huge tunas and other like-minded foreigners.

We gave up and decided to settle somewhere else till 4am when the actual auction starts. We headed back to the cafe and they (not surprisingly) dozed off AGAIN while I kept watch. The wifi connection was so bad and I was so damn bored I went outside to pace up and down so that I could burn a few more calories for more food.

YAY it’s 3.50am, I rushed everyone up and brisk walked back to the market. We walked in and still saw no sight of any giant tuna WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!? I looked at the guard post and I stormed right up, asking politely ‘Do you know where is the Tuna auction’, and GUESS WHAT THE EFFING FUCK HE SAID.

‘Sorry, tickets are sold out, you had to come earlier’





WORLD!??!??! **$#^#$*()#&

I was soooooo soooooo soooooo upset I felt little tiny weeny tears form in my eyes instantly. I blinked it back and went up to my friends:

‘Guys, the tickets are… sold… out… we were supposed to have gotten them here………..’

Five symphonic sighs were let out.

We got all the way here, braved the cold and sleep for… nothing. Well, what can I do? We had to wait till morning before the sushi stalls start to open. So then again we had to wait till fucking 6am to taste sushi. I was so damn exhausted and there was no place to go.

Lo and behold, a wild magical Yoshinoya appeared. We went in with no intention to eat but we kinda had no choice cause it was too cold for our thin jackets. Tick tock tick tock. When it was finally 5ish we went back to the market to check out the sushi stalls.

My goodness I was too tired to even eat and savour food properly but we really really had to or I’ll never forgive myself for not having godlike sushi. Anyways, we got there at about 5.15am and STILL had to wait. My friends were all falling asleep as they stood but whatever I HAD to have the sashimi and sushi.









When we finally got in and looked at the menu, but those two decided to miss out on world famous sushi… I can’t even…


There were different grades of salmon we could choose from and I was broke AF so I could only choose the normal grade and one pathetic piece of the expensive type.


I can’t remember which strand of salmon was the expensive one because, it just wasn’t as memorable as I hoped.

When I took a bite of the salmon, I remembered tasting the soft fragrant rice and silky salmon but I was way too upset and tired to enjoy my meal. I guess looking back it was pretty nice I suppose but the taste didn’t linger on my tastebuds. I think… the market is a big fat scam. Nope, there are other better sushi places around and you there are cheating tourists’ feelings hpmph. The Unagi was really really good though, it’s soooo moist and it doesn’t have the fishy, bony taste of cheap Unagi.

All 25 hours just for this…


I lamented for days (and still counting) about missing out the auction, no Youtube video, Mark Zuckerberg’s 3D virtual experience thing will ever make up for it.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll go back for it one day.


$48 raw food juice cleanse braddy honest review (daily juice)

After a long hiatus (hey I was busy with music stuffs, working out and procrastinating), I’ve decided to work on my first eeeeva food review. Actually I originally planned to do this for The Pantry blog but I don’t exactly have the freedom to say whatever I please (and Boxgreen might get in trouble since daily juice has been a partner or something).

I’ve always really wanted to do a juice cleanse review because as a nutritionist, I strongly do not believe in or advocate a juice cleanse. Maybe I’ll write about why it’s so bad and a braddy waste of money next time, but not now.

Here are my 2 cents (actually 48 bucks ugh):

So apparently this raw food juice cleanse isn’t just juices but there’s some munching I could do too so I chose it (just can’t bear the thought of drinking juices all day long even if it’s just one day). I bought it for 48 bucks on groupon. My boss thinks I’m siao for spending that amount :< Here’s how it looks like!!!


It came in a cute lil deliveroo bag


When I opened it… erm, I didn’t know what to think but wow, is this really what I’m going have to eat for the entire day… OK…

There are instructions on what you should be eating first –

  • Juice:
    – Barnie: Beet, lemon, carrot, ginger, and apple
  • Snack:
    – Kale chips: Dehydrated kale with lemon and pink Himalayan salt
  • Lunch:
    – Cauliflower mash with dehydrated flax crackers
    – Cashew cauliflower crumble ball with strawberry chia jam
  • Juice:
    – Krypto: Spinach, cucumber, romaine, green apple, parsley, lemon, and ginger
  • Snack:
    – Superfood granola energy ball: Gluten- and sugar-free snack made with chia, hemp, and flax seeds
  • Dinner:
    – Raw tabbouleh
  • Dessert:
    – Raw brownie
  • Juice:
    – White rabbit: Almonds, alkaline water, dates, vanilla, and pink Himalayan salt


Morning juice


It tasted pretty alright, it’s not gross so phew. Kinda looks like wine. I drank this and had the kale chips.


Ok I know it looks gross, like someone pee-ed on grass and it dried up with yellow fungus, but it was actually the best kale snack I’ve ever tasted! Because of this I bought my own kale and tried to dehydrate it by oven baking it but it was like shit. I have no idea what kinda magical seasoning they used on it with weird yellow shitty looking thingys.



This tasted… like health food. It’s like having mouthfuls of veggies, I felt so protein deprived ughhh and I was so not satisfied after the meal. Thank god it came with a delicious snack.


The jam along with it was so yumzzzz I saved it for a couple of days.


Here’s the next juice lined up. Looks like yucky green overpriced health food and I was prepared for the worst. I took a teeny weeny preparation sip and wooo what?! This greeny thing tasted pretty decent to my surprise.

Afternoon snack


YAY I’m finally here I’ve been staring at it all day dying to eat it but I really wanted to follow the right sequence. This over kale chips anytime mm hmmm it was mmmm yummm. I was kind hungry but I resisted the urge to grab a snack pack at work. WOULD DINNERTIME JUST COME ALREADY?!










WHAT THE FU*K. IS. THIS. Apparently it’s called ‘Tabbouleh’, or more like Tak Boleh Tahan. This tasted weeeeeird. You need to try it to know. Texture wise, it’s hard like crackers and it produces that ‘tuk tuk’ sound when you try and hit it against things. It’s like a plastic vegetable. The only saving grace was the white sauce thingy (no damn idea wtf that is too but it tasted 2x better than orange grass.

Thank goodness for brownie.


Chocolate brownie. Nuff said.

The last juice (AND THE BEST)


I love almonds, I love vanilla more, and himalayan pink salt sounds healthily yum. I knew I was gonna love it but I just didn’t know how much I would. Opened the cap, smelled its contents. OH the freshly scented whiff of vanilla infused with blended almonds made my tastebuds tingle. Eagerly, I took a sip.


the nicest, most delicious, heavenly, amazingly bursting-ly awesome almond milk I’ve ever tasted. EVER! IT WAS SO DARN GOOD. It kinda tastes like the xin ren thingy, but way way way better. omggggggg. I went online to check the price of this on UberEats but my gosh one bottle is 9 bucks what an utter rip off!!! ughhhh but it’s so good FINE JUST TAKE MAH MONEH :<

…. and that’s a wrap! I wasn’t hungry after it all but I def was not satisfied.

Is it worth it?!

I would not order it again because it’s a damn huge waste of money for a day of a suffering unsatisfied tummy. Oh except the almond milk.

Plus I kinda ruined it all by having cheese fries at 12 midnight. Ah wells.

My favourite-est flat white ever (in Singapore)

I’ve never been a coffee lover. I was Miss Earl Grey Tea. But this changed everything. Ok so I bracketed Singapore because everything always tastes better overseas. Or somewhat. Even that hot chocolate at Costa Coffee in UK tastes 30x better than Singapore’s. Seriously. They put 5 marshmallows in it and serve it lukewarm white you’re freezing in Edinburgh’s weather. Heaven.

Let me describe the best flat white I’ve ever had ever ever. It was… probably 1 year ago. I was invited to a coffee cupping session at the loft (somewhere in Chinatown). It’s a little quiet cafe on the second floor of a coffee shop. There were plush chairs and just one coffee machine. I honestly wasn’t expecting much but woooah, I had almost 12 different types of coffee with different notes. By the time I’ve tasted it all I kinda felt a little sick.

So when the tasting was all completed, the barista (he’s been in this coffee thing for 2 years, practiced in aussie and all that) said:

‘I’m going to make 2 flat whites for you, one with the milk burnt and one that’s alright’

Me: ‘mmm interesting, okay!’

The first flat white came and boy was it baaaaad. But still didn’t taste as bad as the worst flat white I’ve tried (common man coffee roasters). I took a sip and pushed it away instantly.

I said sheepishly: ‘Can I have the next one…? he heeeeee’

So then came the most beautiful flat white I’ve seen. The foam rose above and fit snugly at the rim of the cup. I took a whiff and it took me away and left me at paradise island. I cupped the mug eagerly with both palms and…

Took a sip.

BOOM. GONE. IT WAS. SO GODDAMN GOOD LIKE WAY BETTER THAN THE ONES I HAD IN SYDNEY AND BRISBANE. The flavour notes were in between fruity and floral, the milk of the perfect temperature, and the mouthfeel of that godlike flat white.

My was it so godlike.

I would really love another one but I never had coffee of that standard again when I popped by at The Loft. Another barista did it for me but he burnt the milk. Grrrrrrr a bloody waste of my $5.

Okay I should probably get to sleep cause it’s 1am. Ciao coffee-ers 🙂

The start of my food rants

I think one of the hardest part of doing something is actually starting it in the first place, and after months of serious procrastination, here I am, starting a blog all about food because,

Did you know that there would be a food theme park in Italy? I’m SOOOO going there.

So anyway I created this because remember that time we had that fucking terrible coffee and you’re just so angry that $5 was gone to waste, or the most delicious ramen ever in your entire life? Yes the whole world really needs to know that. So here I am. I have so much food stories to tell you guys (actually just me because I’m talking to the internet and no one knows this page exist).


Here we go.