My favourite-est flat white ever (in Singapore)

I’ve never been a coffee lover. I was Miss Earl Grey Tea. But this changed everything. Ok so I bracketed Singapore because everything always tastes better overseas. Or somewhat. Even that hot chocolate at Costa Coffee in UK tastes 30x better than Singapore’s. Seriously. They put 5 marshmallows in it and serve it lukewarm white you’re freezing in Edinburgh’s weather. Heaven.

Let me describe the best flat white I’ve ever had ever ever. It was… probably 1 year ago. I was invited to a coffee cupping session at the loft (somewhere in Chinatown). It’s a little quiet cafe on the second floor of a coffee shop. There were plush chairs and just one coffee machine. I honestly wasn’t expecting much but woooah, I had almost 12 different types of coffee with different notes. By the time I’ve tasted it all I kinda felt a little sick.

So when the tasting was all completed, the barista (he’s been in this coffee thing for 2 years, practiced in aussie and all that) said:

‘I’m going to make 2 flat whites for you, one with the milk burnt and one that’s alright’

Me: ‘mmm interesting, okay!’

The first flat white came and boy was it baaaaad. But still didn’t taste as bad as the worst flat white I’ve tried (common man coffee roasters). I took a sip and pushed it away instantly.

I said sheepishly: ‘Can I have the next one…? he heeeeee’

So then came the most beautiful flat white I’ve seen. The foam rose above and fit snugly at the rim of the cup. I took a whiff and it took me away and left me at paradise island. I cupped the mug eagerly with both palms and…

Took a sip.

BOOM. GONE. IT WAS. SO GODDAMN GOOD LIKE WAY BETTER THAN THE ONES I HAD IN SYDNEY AND BRISBANE. The flavour notes were in between fruity and floral, the milk of the perfect temperature, and the mouthfeel of that godlike flat white.

My was it so godlike.

I would really love another one but I never had coffee of that standard again when I popped by at The Loft. Another barista did it for me but he burnt the milk. Grrrrrrr a bloody waste of my $5.

Okay I should probably get to sleep cause it’s 1am. Ciao coffee-ers 🙂


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